Saturday, February 27, 2010

11 Days in a Dumpster - Day 2


I met Yell-OH.  He’s the guy we all know, who tries to make anything more interesting by following it up with a boisterous “OHHH!”  Our chance meeting occurred when I had awoken to the screeching sound of the rusty dumpster door being jerked open.  I wiped the sleep from my crusty plums, and for about three seconds, smelled sulfur.


If you’ve ever woken up inside a seven square-foot metal box, with fireworks going off at your balls, I’m sure you can relate.  This was followed by a mega-boisterous “OHHHHHHH!!!”

Yell-OH had three accomplices:

Mole Cheek 
Designated the task of tossing trash into the dumpster.  He only said two words to me, and none to the others.  I assumed he was bullied into everything.

The Hacker
During smoke breaks, he would cough up every molecule in his lungs.  Quite dim-witted, I heard someone call him “Jason”.

Secret Farter
This drama queen frequently pretended to “check up” on me, which was merely an excuse to brown her thong away from the crowd.

Humor ensues…..

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