Wednesday, March 24, 2010

11 Days in a Dumpster - Day 3

The Deadly Disco


This time, it was lightening!  In the middle of the pitch-black night, just before sunrise, blinding flashes of white penetrated the dumpster cracks.  I imagined God yelling, “OHHH!”  Encased in metal, watching nature’s strobe light, I was alone in my Disco of Death.

Queue the rain.  I blindly scavenged for my empty containers.  That’s right!  By this time every object in that dumpster was MINE!  The cups and cans filled slowly.  I wedged them into the corners for future hydration.

It rained nearly all that early June day, which kept my tormenters at bay.  My only contact was with a drenched Mole Cheek.  Midday, he hastily hit me, square in the chest, with two black sacks.


I was methodical when it came to unwrapping these grungy gifts of garbage goodies.

The downpour let up just before sunset.  To be honest, I quite relished those serene moments of raindrops tapping soft melodies on the tin roof of my stench cocoon.

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