Wednesday, October 7, 2009

11 Days in a Dumpster - Day 1


I woke up at daylight:30. Teenage rednecks were kicking the dumpster and laughing hysterically.  The psychedelic cheesecake from the night before made my eyes feel like splitting plums.  The minimum wage warriors outside were slurring some backwoods street lingo that caused convulsions in my funny bone.  My twisted tonsils erupted in laughter that sounded like a creature from the Alien Animal Channel.  The post-pubescent pricks stopped laughing.   They “lectured” me on my insanity, for at least an hour.  In retrospect, one of them just said, “You crazy!” and they walked away.

This became the day I realized I was going to be a prisoner of a somewhat empty dumpster lined with banana peels, broken goods (an oxymoron) and luckily, scraps of things to write on.  Being an artist, I always have a pen in pocket and value spare time for creative pursuits.  I began tearing apart fast food bags, cardboard boxes, candy wrappers and whatever blank canvases I could find.  For the following 11 days, my hallucinating mind would spring into action.  I would transcribe one-to-five-liners captured between ventures back and forth from Delusionville to Dumpsteropolis.

Many of these pieces ended as insane babble.  After using several stained coffee filters to sift through the jokes, witticisms, and absurd profundities.....I give you.....(drumroll)…..


(although I have mentioned each primary and secondary color, as well as black and white, throughout!)

For the next 11 blogs
I will show an
illustrated witticism
with each blog.


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